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Partnering with Brass Compliance, LLC,  Banks Apothecary (Trevose, Pa.),proved its commitment to quality by going above and beyond URAC’s tough measurement requirements for URAC-Accredited Specialty Pharmacies. With our Integrated Online Platform Solutions, Brass Compliance, insured  

Banks Apothecary received the critical guidance, monitoring and improvement plan that brought top URAC recognition


Find out how Brass Compliance can seamlessly manage the needs of your pharmacy or healthcare organization with sophisticated, monitored, ongoing solutions, start to finish.

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Brass Compliance Seamlessly Manages the Needs of Pharmacies and Healthcare Organizations with Sophisticated, Monitored, Ongoing Solutions, Start to Finish.


We Offer Complete Quality, Licensing, Education and Training, Compliance, Accreditation Services. Contact us for a complete list of services. Including:


  • Maintain Excellent Standing with Your Regulatory Agencies, Accrediting Bodies, and Customers
  • Manage Risk 
  • Educate Staff
  • State Licensing (Any State)
  • State License Renewals
  • DEA and Controlled Substance Registration
  • Maintaining all Licensing
  • Consulting Regarding Negative Pharmacy License 
  • Actions such as, Sanctions, Probations, FDA 483’s and Warning Letters 


Not Just Consulting

We don't just consult, informing you of what you need (unless that is what you want)… We offer a full line of services to ensure your processes meet or exceed all required standards, and maintain accreditation requirements at cost effective rates. 




At Brass Compliance, we assure that your company meets or exceeds any industry or accreditation standards, and degree of excellence that is expected from your regulatory agencies, accrediting body, and customers. 

Tracking and Trending
Utilizing an integrated online platform solution, we can document and process quality improvement activities and initiatives while keeping everyone informed. Reports on all aspects of service and care connect treatment to consistent and reliable quality information, allowing quicker response from measurement to improvement. 


Our solution provides credential management. We maintain constant review and notification regarding credential verification to provide a safe-guard, and peace-of-mind. 


No employee, or company License will expire without early and consistent warning. We track any professional industry credential as well as company-defined credentials. 

  • Monitor expiring licenses and certifications 
  • Record credits needed and earned to relicense 
  • Attach a copy of credential card, license, or other important documents 
  • Track required credentials based on single or multiple job titles 
  • Track company-defined credentials

Whether you’re a new or established business we will lighten your load, so you can focus on what counts - your operations.  Let us manage the paperwork so you can get down to business. Brass Compliance will complete all required paperwork for initial and renewal licensing for all states your company operates in. All licenses will be tracked and maintained with easy to read reports and notifications.


Convenient, flexible and cost-effective way to assist you in meeting your continuing education and training requirements.

Online Training
This Learning Management System allows you to utilize your own training materials, Brass Compliance provided materials, or other training materials supplied by another vendor if you prefer, and can be easily uploaded to this system in most forms, such as, PDF, Word, Power Point, and SCORM. In addition, training can be assigned, tracked, and reviewed with easy to read reports showing who has completed training, and who has not.


Whatever type of accreditation you are applying for (URAC, ACHC, PCAB, NABP, VIPPS, CAAS), initial or renewal, let us help you. Accreditations are daunting, time consuming, and confusing. The standards always seem vague and open to interpretation which makes it seem unmanagable. Let us take that off your plate and guide you through the process with hands on assistance. We don’t just inform you of what you need, or what you need to do, we help you do it!

Risk Management
Complete Compliance Suite is easily accessed online and always up to date.

  • HIPAA, HITEC, PCS, PHI, FWA, Code of Conduct, Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest 
  • Policies and Procedures 
  • Employee training and tracking
  • Credential tracking and notifications
  • Company license tracking and notifications, 
  • Designed to make risk management more efficient.


Pharmacies must comply with increasing numbers of regulations from various state and federal agencies, as well as accrediting bodies. These agencies are in constant flux, changing on a consistent basis as the industry environment changes. The frequency of audits and the fine amounts for noncompliance are increasing. Accreditations hold you to a higher standard, and maintaining them keeps you on the forefront of those changes and away from penalties. Let Brass Compliance bear the weight of that burden for you.

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